Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival, Clarkield Pampanga

I was always get excited whenever the hot air balloon festival frenzy is held yearly in Clarkfield, Pampanga. I wouldn't always be there to experience it yearly, but just seeing the colorful hot air balloons pass by (at least a few meters above our rooftop) was enough to keep me happy. 

In February 2012, I get to accompany my dorm mates from Ortigas Metrodorm while I was still working in Ortigas Center. They were very excited as it was their first time to experience the famous festival. The first thing I asked them was to be in Clark at least 5:30 in the morning before the sun rises for them to see the balloons lift off by 6:00am.
My free ticket from Liana Paras. Thank you :)

The most awaited moment at the festival: Balloons taking off :)
They delivered my ticket fresh from our friend, Liana who wasn't able to come this year.

Check out the proportion of the balloons and the people: massive :)

 Well, They came in a little late but still early to see some balloons take off from a distance 
and a few on the ground.

Paragliders filling up the clear sky

 Some promotions held at the Hot Air Balloon Festival
 Souvenir Shops and bazaars

 I still get scared with heavy costumes. 
I feel they're gonna do something bad anytime. hehe

'til next time xoxo

By lunchtime, clearly after hours of strolling, enjoying the attractions, picture taking, eating finger foods, we decided to dine at Marquee Mall, about 15 minutes drive from Clark.

 More photos :p

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed reading. Hope to see you guys again :)

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