IloIlo Weekend I: Architecture of Iloilo

Nuestra Senora de La Candelaria, one of Iloilo's best preserved Icons. It has been the center of faith of the province for centuries. I must say, I really enjoyed my tour around this Gothic inspired church, and I am truly honored and blessed to be here, at this day, travelling.

Nuestra Senora de La Candelaria

A friend said this photo shouts "It's more fun in the Philippines"

A view from the street

My companions for the day from left: Coco, Apple, Ophel, Agatha and Yours truly

The church is surrounded by preserved homes, one that the city must be very proud of. I wish there were more of these back in my hometown. I get a mixed emotion when I walk through old world structures, especially the detailed ones. I appreciate their craftsmanship, the effort and time to make them are truly remarkable.

from left: Coco, Ophel and Me

Feeling my summer outfit for today :D

The way up to the image

St. Anne Parish, famously known as Molo Church by local residents of Iloilo City. I'm astonished with its Gothic-Renaissance style, with Gothic and Romanesque interiors. 
There was a construction at the front of the Church so I couldn't get a better view, another thing is the weather, super hot! But I love summer, only my tan would go overboard.

The Church's Left Bell tower

I'm sorry if I wasn't able to take a closer photo of the altar. But for your knowledge, the saints standing on each pillar are all female saints, contradictory to Jaro Church's male saints.

Flying Buttresses missing in the picture..

Another Place I was thrilled to visit was Deocampo's Barquillos Shop. It sells bread and pastry dishes in this beautiful cafe.

Arts and crafts are always eye catching and refreshing :)

Very warm and spacious ambiance

I'm really fascinated with anything that shares with me part of history. They're like time machines!

Anyway, while driving around the city, here are the sights we've seen. They're not actually landmarks, but I thought I might show you guys how it is driving around here during regular days. 

A Mediterranean Restaurant in the middle of the busy streets.
  Just a sight. Haven't tried the food here so I couldn't really write a comment about the food.

Another turn and you'll see this beautiful house standing tall. I admire it because of it's scale and its surroundings. Sits plainly on a quiet and green parcel of land.

 Gotta stop by for a photo with a preserved home with newbie townies :p

Victorian with a twist! The color is striking, strong enough to attract more attention than the food stalls down on the street. Sadly, the cables are pretty distracting to see fully the real beauty of the house.

Stay tuned for Iloilo Weekend II for the food and treats I got my hands into. Thank you for reading my blog. Have a good day :)

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