A Little Binondo Food Trip

In my search for food trip destinations in Manila, I came across the words "Binondo Food Wok" in one of my readings. It was mentioned twice more on other blogs I read that time so I thought, why not give it a try? Seems worth the visit too! And so I did! 'even dragged along my foodie love, Ian with me to satisfy our Binondo craving (I actually endorsed it to him) :p

Before I go back home on one Saturday of July, we drove from Ortigas to Binondo. It was about 40 minutes of wandering around a quiet Saturday afternoon in Manila. It was very comforting and - because there was no traffic :)

As you enter Chinatown, you'll see this arch. It says "Arko ng Pagkakaibigang Pilipino-Tsino" translated as "Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch". We left the car nearby because we decided to do our tour on foot.

Our Starting Point, Binondo Church. Our chosen landmark for the day to leave the car behind and just walk around Binondo.
This church is in line with the famous churches in Manila.
Food for two! All these for less than Php150 only. How cheap is that! But the taste was highly satisfying :)
A little picture taking here and there

Excited for his first bite!
My new favorite, Lord Stow's Egg tart! I love it! hmmm :)

My first photo with my favorite egg tart :)))
The last food taste of the day, siopao at Masuki!

I'm sorry for feeding you guys with little food for today, I have but a little storage in my tank. And I was getting sleepy 'cause my body was slowly drifting to "food processing" state. Anyway, I hope I convinced you to have your own "Binondo Food Wok" experience and I promise you, there are a whole lot more diverse food tastes and sights in the streets of Binondo! Have fun!

I'd like to know more about Binondo's best kept secrets. Care to share with me your stories? hit me at the comment box or contact me thru google+ so we can catch up! Let's share our stories!



  1. Looks delicious! I tried few of the restaurants in Binondo and most of them have yummy foods. Do you remember the location of Binondo Food Wok sa I can go there easily in the future?

  2. It's actually a really big area. Luckily, there's a Binondo Food Wok map such. You can buy it at a store in Binondo too. Here's how it looks like:


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