Halo Halo de Iloko Balay, San Fernando, La Union

Having a really hot, humid weather in La Union calls for a cool and delicious merienda (that meal taken in the afternoon/brunch, which fills in the meal between breakfast-lunch or lunch-dinner).
Ate Jean hooked us up on a tight schedule of visiting beautiful local destinations as we hopped from one awesome activity to another and dined at the best local food spots there. The choice for the afternoon is Halo Halo de Iloko Balay, a quaint place to to enjoy that merienda we so fervently deserve. Yes, we do!

Each serving is good for 2-3 persons so it's always best to come in groups (3 pax at least so you can get to taste a variety of food). Without further adieu, here's what you're really here for anyways. 

And need I remind you that you've never actually been here unless you tried their famous halo halo? You can try Buko Halo Halo if you're a big eater, or you'd like to share it with someone else. But if you're up for a solo, you can try Fiesta Halo halo (but even that's a lot for me).
Here's a price list of their halo halo with the extras for everyone's info. Make it a point to call in advance just to be sure that you get the best seats upstairs sans the waiting. Their contact numbers and social media pages are also in the photo for more info on the restaurant.
I'm really happy to enjoy a good foodtrip experience with the girls. Good thing is we're all comfortable with each other enough for me to pressure them to finish their meals faster so we can rush off to our next destination and watch the sunset on time by the shore. Yes, I'm that kind of traveler friend. I like to make the most and best out of everything, and apparently, so do they :)

Once again, thank you for taking time reading my blog. Until our next trip!


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