Fun Couple Moments at Shiphaus, Bohol

Fresh from the Chocolate Hills, we now pay one of Bohol's uniquely themed house, Shiphaus. It's been added to travel itineraries of tour packages in the island and have also been featured in local and nationwide TV shows before.It also accepts lodging for tourists at very competitive prices.

Shiphaus from accross the street
The house security was so nice, he even lent us his Captain's hat. What we did? we start our cheesy pre-nup! haha I meant photo-op :)

After paying an entrance fee of P40 (P20 for each of us), we now welcome you to this once beautiful abode, now a tourist attraction. All aboard!

aye aye, Captain!
And a naturally wacky person my love is... He makes funny faces 70% of our selfie-taking time.. which i honestly like. There's never a dull moment with him. He compliments my weirdness in a lot of ways.

This is the best part! hahaha! Tan-tan-tanan :p Just Married-NOT! The roof deck can also serve as a function hall for special occasions. Very nice source of income indeed. And so my playful love and I make use of the props some more.

Our visit was short and sweet, but deeply memorable nonetheless. 

Thanks again loves! 'till next time ^_^

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