Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings, City Golf Plaza, Ortigas

That restaurant you randomly tried out once as it recently opened and you've always revisited since then whenever you're near the area, stressed out need a cold beer, need to chill or simply a lazy night in the city. That restaurant which satisfies the flavors your tongue longs to rekindle. That exact amount of relaxed vibe that never fails to soothe your senses but still good enough to keep your mind going. Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings! Those buffalo wings served in different variety of flavors!

You can count the people who dined there at the same time as you were there in October of 2012. Obviously, 'cause it just recently opened. But as time swept by slowly, people started coming in. Maybe out of curiosity then just like us, or they probably knew the owner/s, who knows? 

Location wise, It was a good area to start a sports-themed restaurant. Right at the short strip of laid back restaurants of City Golf - Food chains serving middle eastern, american, and Italian cuisine, wines and most especially, sub-zero beers! 
This was the first time we played foosball together, 
guess who won? ehem! (proud!)

Prices are very reasonable too, half a dozen buffalo wings would only cost you P153, while a dozen only costs P293. Cool right!
My snapshot of their Menu
 My personal favorite: Pamesan Chicken

This next photo was my mini farewell treat to my very few office mates at my first architectural design-build job at One Corporate Center, which is around 350 meters away from City Golf (10-minute walk). The restaurant now had a loyal crowd going. I could barely talk at a normal tone that night, the seats were all occupied - almost.
from left: Liezel, Kuya Charlie, Janet and yours truly.

Another day calls for another dish to be tried out. Pasta and our regular favorite extra spicy buffalo wings. Sorry for the poor photo qualities, I used a tab that time...
Spaghetti Bolognese

Business meetings calls for different people altogether. Best of all, you can get a bucket of sub-zero San Mig Light beers & other famous Pinoy beers! I couldn't ask for any better set-up. This is my chill zone! hahaha :D

When I and my friends went back to Manila around October again last year, 2013 I suggested Frankie's again. Too bad we couldn't have beer 'cause it was the eve of local elections nationwide. Even some bribe won't help us gulp the sub-zero heaven.

Not being able to enjoy the magic of cold beer, we decided to have dessert right after our buffalo wings craze. Guess where?
 Test shot 1: exposure was too dark and so Frankie's sign is shown.
Last shot: Upgraded exposure but no more Frankie's! haha

'till next food trip ladies and gents :)

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