Tarsier Encounters in Bohol

Our very first encounter with an animal whose eyes are as large as its brain. Philippines, specifically Bohol is one of the very few destinations in Southeast Asia to be blessed with the presence of Tarsiers. 

Touching them is prohibited since a lot of them got sick and have died by the hands of tourists, not immediately but after repeatedly long history of squeezes which could easily crush their bodies. As tourists and travelers, let us all please be responsible and mindful of how we treat other living things. Nuff said.
More trivia, Tarsiers' tails can grow up to three times its body length. All its limbs and fingers are elongated or exaggerated plus, they have really, really soft velvety fur.
To create the illusion, the guardians/caretakers came up with a nice plan. To improvise with the scene and make tourists look as if they're holding the primates with their bear hands. Quite cool and very safe.
These statues are creepy though, I didn't find them nearly as cuddly as the original Tarsiers but they'll do :)
I wonder what our next encounter with a rare creature will be... hmmm... 'till then, stay tuned guys ;)

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