A beautiful morning in Bolinao. Sitting with friends on the terrace of our villa when I noticed a few dogs enjoying the summer breeze along the shores. I, being a natural dog lover tried to whistle to call their attention. This adult dog came closer hesitantly.. and closer after a few more minutes. Sitting steadily, it gave me a great impression of curiosity, sadness and interest.
It is amazing how other creatures share our emotions and sentiments all the time. Animals, unlike us do not think twice when they try to save our lives, yet we continue to disregard their needs most of the time. They need our guidance, our love and hugs and they're not afraid to admit it. They are unconditionally loyal and loving despite our social status and bad behavior. They are happy when we are happy, sad when we're down and extatic when there's a smile on our face, or simply jump and twirl the moment we get home.

I'm a person who interpret a million things seeing just a little detail. I believe it is my gift being a history buff. And I hope I help someone today. I aim to inspire people everyday, even from a distance.

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