Baclayon Church, Bohol

It truly is an honor to step foot on one of the oldest Churches in the Philippines & in Asia Respectively. Baclayon is in fact, the second oldest stone Church in the country & the oldest Coral Stone Church in the region, being built in 1595 by Spanish Jesuits. In 19th century however, a group of Augustinian priests added additional stone structures that surrounded the building, and a modern facade. 
It's equally heartbreaking to live in the time when a number of these heritage sites have been damaged severely by natural causes. I'd still like to look at the bright side, 'cause at least, humans have nothing to do with the destruction of our churches.

Going back in the 17oo's, it officially became a parish in 1717, together with the construction's commencement. The first building shown above was finished in 1727. The Bell Church was done in 1827 as it stands magnificently in the same facade you see above. 

Inside, a collection of antiquities dating back from the 16th century. Such treasures will always remind us of how long Roman Catholicism have been in the country.

More of the main Church, it is designed with the modesty, simplicity structurally, contradistinction with the ornate baroque adornments of the altar and the whole ensemble on the background.

After my dreamy visit, it was time to head on outside. The colors were still vibrant, I believe due to maintenance once in a few years. As you can see, the upper level's designs are naturally breezy. It lets in air effortlessly with it's high ceilings, grilled openings and louver windows - just like how our common buildings were designed back then.

TQT trivia:
How awesome are stone structures and how efficient are they? 
Ans: To keep the building cool inside, the stones absorb heat during the day. And, to combat the cold weather at night, the stones serve their purpose of releasing warmth stored during the day.

Here's another cool thing about this church: it is a special town recognized by even Italian priests because a very controversial  priest's face have miraculously graced the buttress on the left side of the church, Padre Pio. He was believed to have experienced stigmata back in his time. Thanks to a pilgrim who visited this church back in 2007, who called upon Fr. Antonio Pompilio from Italy to verify and confirm the image.

Next up, we light candles. Each color stands for different intentions. I didn't light up a single candle 'cause I felt so blessed I just wanted to thank the Lord for all his graces. 

Once again, thank you for reading my blog. Join me in my next journey as I travel back and forth in time :)

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