Bolinao Waterfalls 2, Samang Norte, Bolinao

One of my favorite days of the year: November 07, 2015. It's so nice to just pack your bags and go on a spontaneous trip with a few of the closest friends once in a while. (I think we'll have more of these soon though haha ;) )
We had at least 2 U-turns locating this scene we craved so much. First try, we were just a few kilometers away from the falls, we had doubt so we asked a resident in the area where the falls were. The lady said it was the other way so we turned back and got out again on the street.
When we thought we went too far again we'd ask other locals where the elusive falls is, they always said to turn back and turn right next to the waiting shed. We did this over and over again (I'm laughing as I'm writing this 'cause whenever we'd stop and ask, my friends would ask separately at the same time to the person in question, they'd just scratch their head and smile). Makulits!!
No storms, just weather perfection. Awesome day! Above all, thanking the Lord for keeping us safe and happy all the time.
The parking was just a few meters walk from the falls. We paid P20.00 each entrance fee, plus P30 for the life vests. 
First glance as we were cascading down the trail, exciting view. The water was enchanting! We could hear the water singing its beautiful lullaby from where we trekked.
And of course, insert group photos! haha
from left: Marc, Fx, Patty, Edan, Me, Kyehl and Denise
I'm glad we came here on an off-peak season. There were only a few people, the water was crystal clear and clean. 
We jumped off the falls (though it took me an awful lot of encouraging from everybody even I was getting tired of me shouting haha) I'm not a fan of primadonnas but I confess it was my first time. It's a good thing I finally gathered the courage left in me that day and just jump. Something I'll remember for the rest of my life - both I and my bff Patty. Another activity scratched off the bucketlist! hooraaay!!! So proud of myself! hahaha
Special shoutout to Fx and Denise for sharing their photos of our refreshing experience.

Bitin? Stay tuned for more Bolinao posts in the coming days. See you next post loves! ;)


  1. Very impressed with your ability to show us what these places are really like..I am planning on visiting Angeles in March, have you ever been to Punin Hot Springs, I read its very peaceful and therapeutic...I am a massage therapist, so I like theraputic..any comments would be appreciated Miss Quaint Traveler??
    My name is Stuart..

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