Experience Asian Buffet Dinner at ABC Hotel, Angeles City

Another get together night celebrating the Christmas season in 2012. This particular night, we chose to put on some casual clothes and dine in a lavish hotel at Angeles Beach Club Hotel, more commonly known as ABC Hotel for locals.

Note: Vari Asia isn't usually packed but you might want to make a reservation if you're planning to dine here on holidays, else you might end up frustrated. Be sure to have your second option if plan A doesn't work out. 
Photos in this post are from my own camera and some from my friend, Sunshine (photos with dates). Sorry for the poor photographs, bear with them for a while :)
Che, Sunny and Me
Sunny and Denz with a beautiful pool backdrop
Our menu for the night: Japanese Fusion at P500.00 per head. They cater different Asian Cuisine each day/night of the week... We went there on a Saturday night, so we got to taste some flavors of Japan. Oohhlala!!

It was an eat-all-you-can dinner love affair, and everything was served on our table so we didn't have to head on to a buffet table to fall in line just to find out that the best dish of the night was ravaged hours before we got in. You do get what you pay for. Here are some quick photos of our eastern dinner:
Fresh Tuna and Salmon Sashimi with some sushi rolls :)
Tempura, we had loads of these I can't tell you how much! haha
My personal fave, Kani Salad. I requested it more than thrice I think...
Sauteed pork & veg was also savory. I love it!

Veggies anyone?
Chicken Teriyaki another yummy treat
Best of all, we love good conversations, good laughs and bonding over food. For us, it's always the company that we enjoy, the food and place come second, but it's a super plus of course. 

Our awesome dinner view, dreamy :D

Some Classic White Beringer Wines to subtly kick it up a notch. This is where the real fusion comes: in an east meets west foodie way. Not aiming for wine tasting type though, just dinner and some wine kind of night.

Couples galore! hahaha (from left) Ian, Me, Shine and Denz
It took a while for the chefs to deliver our dessert though, so more catching up and making fun of ourselves happened. I really enjoy fun nights like this! And finally, without further adieu...:D
Mango FlambĂ©es for everyone :)

Hmmm...I was already full when dessert landed on our table. Each one had a generous serving of these enticing sweets. I particularly enjoyed the Mango Sago 'cause it wasn't too sweet, thus becoming a new favorite of mine. 

Once finished, we decided to stroll around some more, all the way up to the rooftop where all the magic happens! 
Behind us is SM Clark and the beautiful Angeles City Night Lights, quite a view

messin' at the rooftop kinda feelin' "The Hangover" movie!

Continuously fooling around, these kids can't be stopped!

We headed to a cafe somewhere cozy after this. Just like a typical Kapampangan tradition = Food, (Bar), Coffee. Once again I thank you all for continuously reading my blog. More food+place tips to come! 

Much love <3,

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