Hitch-hiking in Bamban (2009)

My Thesis Life back in 2009. Is truly one of the most exciting and equally exhausting last phase of finishing college. Those are the days when you'll need all the help and support you can get from mentors, friends and family to finally march on and graduate with the degree of Bachelor in Science in Architecture, a full five year course which sounds as many math subjects you don't want to think of.

Taking out one day from it, I with some of our friends helped out do a site visit in Bamban, Tarlac, along the boundary of Clark and Tarlac. Didn't know what I was getting myself into, it was very random and I'm always up for an adventure :)

Straight from a hidden paradise in a remote area in Gawad, Kalinga, Bamban, Tarlac
How we got here? 

From Angeles, we took two jeepney rides to Bamban, Tarlac (main road to the nearest Barangay boundary of Clark). It took us about 30-40 minutes travel from Angeles to Bamban. Then, we rented tricycles to take us to the nearest dropp off point to a secluded area in Bamban. Apparently, no vehicle could get through the river so we took our shoes off and crossed barefooted to the other side.

I can walk by this lush and healthy green environment everyday :)

So I've been warned, I'd have to bring my slippers at some point. I wouldn't know if we'd be crossing another river again to get to our destination. It was a tiring hike, the sun was burning our skin, so much for sun-kissed skin. I'd prefer sun-burnt skin!

After hiking a few hundred kilometers, we were so lucky the locals kindly let us hitchhike to yet another drop-off point. This was, in fact, my first hitch-hike in my entire life. I had no idea as to where we were going, I was merely a kolehiyala thirsting for adventure ^_^

Though the sun was pouring it's blessings, we did enjoy being clueless and be nowhere on a random day. Say hi to Ronnie, Francis, Aron and Tatz (from left to right). My classmates, my good buds, my crazy companions for the day :)

Finally, getting a few hundred meters closer. This is was the cool arch the locals made to welcome guests and tourists into their homey neighborhood.

An unusual sight for us, a typical day for the locals. It is deeply entertaining to watch people live their normal lives while I picture myself living in that same home/atmosphere and how I'd go about my day. It's a different level of realization when you put yourself in their shoes or at least spend a few hours with them on a normal day.

 More greens. Precious wonders of nature :)

Hey'all! Our second hitch-hiking experience! People here were too nice, not anyone in the City would just take you off the streets and drop you off safely. Hats off to their kindness :)

Finally, dropped off for the second time. More hiking this time to get to a hidden paradise.

The Barangay Captain says this set of furniture was made for the late Fernando Poe Junior. He mentioned FPJ stays by the river sometimes to get some peace of mind. I wouldn't know, couldn't find find traces of FPJ there, I just had to trust :)

And when everything's peaceful and quiet, hearing only the soft whisper of nature everywhere, you get the best of everything. :D

Alas, more fun ahead! We then left our stuff on the alleged FPJ table and headed down to the river. Though I can feel my skin tanned halfway, all I cared about was having the time of my life, bullying and being bullied by friends.

This sight is amazing. A living artwork. Untouched beauty of nature always brings out an effortlessly unique imagery.

After this day's adventure, you can bet how our skins turned out, sunburned and all tan the next day. It was nothing compared to the sights and experience we had. 

Alas, this was our precious sight. All worth the foot ache, sunburns, body pains, thirst, hunger and the feeling of not knowing if we can go home the same day.

I was way more anxious about going home that day, 'cause we didn't have any idea if there were still friendly people who'd take us as free passengers for the last time. Luckily, there is one! A man heading back with an L300, hooraaay! And on beautiful journey way back, another breathtaking view. We had to go home early so we'd be sure we'd be on our homes come sundown. Thank you guys for sharing our mildly exhausting mini adventure!

Once again, thank you for reading my blog. 

'Til the next adventure guys,

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